Landscape Design in Rhode Island

Before we start explaining what is landscape Design and the concepts behind the service, it’s very important to explain that landscape design has always been on the rise, but now it is becoming more and more popular and that is why more people are requiring the services of landscape design experts to help them with their needs.

What is Landscape Design?

Landscape Design is the ability of organizing the different features of a specific area of land for different reasons that can be purely aesthetic or just practical. The landscape Design is normally divided into two big components; first, the softscape which are the living elements like a tree or a flower, and the second is the Hardscape that are specifically the non-living elements, for example, the pavers.

There are other important concepts related to Landscape Design that are relevant and we need to take them into consideration when we are working on landscape design. These elements are: Balance, Transition, Proportion, and Unity.

Other concepts that are relevant when we are talking about landscape designing are Color, Line, Harmony, and contrast.

Beforehand we explain a little bit about each one of these concepts. It is necessary to explain that if you are designing a residential landscape, you need first to create a blueprint, doing that will help you to save some money and time, because you will know exactly what you want and you are going to stick to that plan. Therefore, if you hire a group of experts to help you to design your landscape in Rhode Island, everything will be so much better and organized. Normally this plan is part of the design process and you need to take it step by step considering all the elements like environmental conditions and the different design elements.

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The most important concepts in Landscape Design

There are 2 different types of balance when we talk about design: Asymmetrical and Symmetrical, both are all about equality. There’s balance in the landscape composition and it always uses a variety of objects and elements.

Is basically a change that happens progressively, this can be applied to things like the size of the elements, the textures but especially when we are varying the intensity of things such as color.

When we talk about proportion we are referring to the size of an element comparing to another one. Among the rest of the elements of landscape design, this is one of the most obvious and easy to understand. However, this does require a certain level of planning.

The consistency and repetition of a design is what we call unity, when we talk about repetition is important because is the one that brings unity in your landscape design because you repeat elements like decoration, flowers, or plants.

Color is a very important element in landscape design because when we add color, you need to take into consideration things like the four seasons for example. After all, when you add flowers with different hues that are perfect for the summer, you also need to add other plants like conifers that will look great in another season. Color is everything!

Line in landscaping design can be used for things such as paths and walkways because it helps control the movement. Lines also can help when we are adding elements like a pool or a fire pit. Lines are visually interesting because they can have different shapes such as diagonal, horizontal, or curved.

Harmony and contrast:
Harmony is important because it helps give a unified look to all the different elements in a landscape. On the other hand, the contrast will help you highlight certain components in your landscape design.

All these elements are important and are essential when you are looking for someone to help you with your landscape design in Rhode Island. First, you need to have a plan and a design in mind, the next step is to put it on paper, and then, just start having fun and designing that perfect space in your home or any other space with the help of a professional team.

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