Spring and Fall Cleanup

The change of seasons is exciting with new activities, weather changes and we even changes on our clothing style and the food we eat, however the change of seasons can have a huge impact on the help of your landscape.

Normally, when the season changes, especially in the fall and spring, you can have problems such as leaf litter, an excess of debris and other materials, that can turn into a bigger problem in a short period of time. These materials can cause a lot of complications for your flowers, plants, and trees, dead spots on your grass and lawn in general and an important impact in the soil chemistry.

For all those reasons and many others, cleaning your landscape during the change of the seasons is more than necessary and most of the time requires a team of professional landscapers to do it properly. Is important to understand that in some cities, winter is really strong and could leave a mark on your lawn.

Spring clean up
If you want a healthy and beautiful landscape during spring, these are some of the things you need to include in your clean-up plan:

  1. Edging and mulching are always important because it will give to your property bold colors, and it will protect your soil from sudden and harmful temperature changes.
  2. Weed control. It’s really important to take care of the weeds before they grow and turn into a huge problem for your lawn. The best thing to do is to take care of the weeds when they are starting to appear. 
  3. Cleaning up your property for new growth by removing tree droppings, deadfall, and removing all leaves. This is the key to a beautiful and healthy landscape.
  4. Aeration. The aeration is very important because it will give your lawn the chance to remain lush and thick for a long time. This will also improve drainage, and address soil compaction issues that are commonly seen.

The fertilization ensures that all your plants and trees have the necessary nutrients they need to grow faster and healthier.

Also, the spring clean up service must include: Edging the beds, cutting and pruning the shrubs, trees, and perennials, and many others.

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Fall Clean up

Fall clean-up is as important as the spring clean-up and to ensure a deep and proper cleaning, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  1. Pruning. The trimming process for brushes and trees, cutting back the different plants, and removing death growth and overgrowth as well. This is all very important during the fall season. 
  2. Fertilization: Is important to increase the nutrients that are available for your lawn and your plants because they always store up for the winter season.
  3. Debris and leaf removal are some of the keys to a beautiful and healthy lawn and landscape. Cleaning everything from deadfall, debris and leaves is very necessary.
  4. Planting, you can be sure that you will have beautiful blooms if you decide to install bulbs during the fall. It is necessary to divide the existing perennials so the color would spread with other plants that are blooming properly.

Fall aeration. If you want to have a resilient and healthy lawn next year, it’s essential to manage the thatch and choose the right seeds. 

If you really want to have a healthy lawn during fall and spring, a clean up is completely unavoidable, so we recommend that you hire a professional clean up team that gives you the best service and everything you need in order to keep your property in top shape during any given season.

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